The Ffave Formula

As a life coach I employ many tools in my work, and the most unique tool is one that I developed myself. After many years of trying to understand why so many women had meltdowns in the fitting room – or avoided shopping for clothes altogether – I came to the realization that what was needed was a simple and effective recipe for wardrobe-building. Building a wardrobe is like creating a superhero costume. It serves to channel your superpowers, and tells the world exactly who you are. To be successful in life we must be able to communicate to people who we are. To be respected in life we must show respect for ourselves through self-care.

The Ffave Formula takes the guesswork out of shopping for new clothes. Its aim is to help you remove the stumbling blocks of demoralizing self-criticism and self-doubt that can hold you back.

The Ffave Formula is a styling tool. It can remove the frustration from the daily business of getting dressed once and for all. It can ease the stress of social and career commitments.

The Ffave Formula is a transformative tool. It can lead you in the direction of your dreams and goals. It can help you quiet the doubts and allow you to move forward with confidence.

The Ffave Formula can aid you in transforming your outer self into the honest, empowered person you are inside. And when we are in synch with our world, there is so much more we can accomplish.

Here’s to transforming you…into You