My Philosophy

My vision is a world where women are free to follow their dreams unencumbered by low self-esteem, lack of confidence and body dysmorphia*.

*Note: Real body dysmorphia is a serious condition that requires diagnosis and treatment by mental health specialists. Life coaching is neither therapy nor counselling.

My mission is to support women in their quest to let go of society-based expectations and redefine power and beauty on their own terms. This is accomplished through a process of exercises and mindfulness training, leading towards a goal of inner and outer transformation. It is my belief that healthy individuals create healthy societies, and that change is possible at any age through the innovative use of education and empowerment, and by re-defining our concepts of health and beauty.

* I believe that there’s a fork in the road, just coming up around every bend, and if we listen to the Universe we can choose the direction that takes us on to new and rewarding discoveries. I believe taking the ‘other’ fork will bring us adventures too, but different ones, and maybe with far more struggle than we might want to take on. Neither way is wrong, it’s straying from the path of being true to our hearts that gets us into serious trouble.

* I believe that life is a grand adventure full of joy and sadness, hope and disappointment, idealism and cynicism, laughter and tears, just like Lord Of The Rings. I believe that true friends are travelling companions; some just as simple and quietly heroic as Sam, Pippin and Merry, and others just as powerful and enigmatic as Aragorn and Gandalf. Recognize them and cherish them; they are all the magic you need to conquer anything that the Universe throws at you.

* I believe we’re all born with amazing talents and gifts and far too many of us spend far too much of our lives on the hardest path we can find, and never discover our true natures. This makes me very sad.

* I believe that no sane, omnipotent power – if one should exist – could possibly give a donkey’s behind whether we’re straight, gay, bisexual, transgendered, single, married, chaste, or promiscuous, like to dress up in unusual clothing or get spanked. As long as we’re old enough and capable of making informed decisions and go forth with honesty and love for our fellow creatures we deserve to be happy.

* I also believe that no sane, omnipotent power could care less whether we pray in a church, mosque or synagogue, meditate among the lotus blossoms, dance naked under a full moon, or just toss bread crumbs to the birds. Only that, whatever we do, we do with sincerity and humility, tolerance and joy.

* I believe that if there is an omnipotent power, then it has to be sane, and therefore the preceding two statements apply throughout the universe.

* I believe no one ever spent the last few moments of their life wishing they’d done more housework, or bought more stuff. So, sort out what matters now before it’s too late.

* I believe that everything I believe might just be a grand illusion or an even grander delusion and that the only thing we can count on is that it’s good to eat and make love and laugh and cry and cherish every minute we have together.

* I believe in art and music, children and animals, love and laughter.

* And most of all, I believe in love. It makes everything else worthwhile.