What Body Positivity Is Not

“Sometimes body positivity can come off as more of a candy-coated movement to help us all ‘feel beautiful’ and love ourselves all the time, which I think is really tough to ask of a person.

Shame masked as pride, or its pursuit, is not body positivity. Many popular weight loss and fitness companies run so-called “body positive” campaigns whose surface message is: you should feel good about being in your body. But the subtext is, you can’t feel good in your body as it is — loving yourself and being body positive is about “creating a body you love” instead of starting from a place of love and acceptance and not needing to change your body. The idea behind their messaging is that you should be able to love yourself, and since you can’t do it the way you look now, we can give you a body that you CAN love. 

Essentially, as soon as “body positivity” becomes a marketing tool, it stops being about body positivity but about brand and share of voice.”

Kaila Prins

Psychology Today

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