Brain Change…It’s Real!

“Here’s the good news: with training, scientists have now shown, we can literally rewire the neural pathways that regulate our emotions, thoughts, and reactions.  This means we can create new neural pathways – highways in our brain – that lead us to compassion, gratitude, and joy instead of anxiety, fear, and anger.  We can reprogram our brains’ automatic response, and all it requires (this is a simple thing…but not an easy one) is a conscious effort to build new pathways.” –
Vanessa Loder, Forbes Magazine

As a neuroscience nerd I’ve been studying the idea of neural plasticity for a very long time. I am not only a believer in the idea, I used the concept to recover from the lingering brain damage I suffered from having some unexpected – and very intense – seizures, several years ago.

My memory and my balance were affected so badly that for over a year I dreaded leaving the house. Friends were strangers, and wonderful memories like a family cruise were absolutely gone. I staggered when I walked unless I really concentrated on nothing else.

With the support of family, friends, and my partner, Richard, I worked deliberately to regain what I had lost.

Re-wiring neural pathways can be used to change the way we think about ourselves and help us give up all the negativity we’ve lived with about how we look and how lovable we are. It’s not easy, but it works. As a life coach it truly forms part of the tools I use to help my clients.

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